10 fascinating facts about UAE you can’t afford to miss

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The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, as it is mostly called, is a country situated on the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula. Although, Dubai is its most prominent ’emirate’, but in all, the United Arab Emirates is created with seven emirates. Surprisingly, UAE is united as one, wherein you will experience visiting another city while going from one emirate to another.

UAE is wedged between Saudi Arabia and Oman, a destination with coastlines, rocky deserts, waterless mountains, and wetlands that stretch wide to the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

Prior to the oil was discovered, the UAE’s economy was entirely based on fishing and pearl industry. When exports of oil started in the 1960s, UAE’s economy swiftly began hiking up. Now, the per capita gross domestic product of UAE is like the Western European nations.

Being financially strong and beautifully created, it is an appreciated country for tourists, and also exhibits cultural and religious experience.

Among other enthralling beauties in UAE, man-made islands in Dubai has no comparison. The tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah is such a massive island prominent for glitzy hotels, upmarket global hotels, and posh apartment towers. The mouth-watering snacks offered amid the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel and in views of the Dubai coastline cannot be imagined at home. Also, beach clubs with infinite pools and serene spas turn this place like heaven in the evening. The live music offered amid unbelievable surroundings has no words.

You really have to see this fantastic island to believe it! Also, many other captivating and sizzling places are waiting for tourists to enhance their beauty. Besides the tremendous architectural structure and locations it has, many of the facts of UAE are still unturned for you. So, it really appreciates if you have planned a UAE tour, but be sure to be familiar with fascinated facts of UAE to turn your trip fabulous, meaningful, and exciting.


10  Fascinated facts of UAE you can’t afford to miss

This does not need to specify that tourists around the world travel to the UAE. You do not need to plan a long trip to this enthralling country if you cannot manage, a short trip in UAE is adequate to exhibit unimagined beauty. The attractions of this country are infinite and might be you have heard many of it already, but you will surely be unaware of its interesting facts. Let shed light on these below:

  1. 50th birthday anniversary of UAE next year

Do you know UAE is going to turn 50 in age on December 2, 2021? The UAE was officially established by integrating six emirates: Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. Ras Al Khaimah was further combined on February 10, 1972, becoming the seventh emirate of UAE.

So, the grand celebration will surely be in the next year, and if you love to feel special in the UAE, then book your trip in this year only instead of facing a massive rush of tourist visa applications next year.

  1. A multicultural country

You will find people of different cultures in every city of the UAE. Further, being multicultural, various festivals are celebrated wherein Eid is at the priority while Diwali and Christmas also celebrated with great enthusiasm. So, to make your favourite festival a special one, celebrate it in the UAE this year.

  1. The Arabian Oryx is UAE’s national animal 

A species of antelope native, it is also the national animal of Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and Jordan. The fact is, in 1972, all the Arabian oryx died in the wild, but a big thanks to conservation and breeding efforts that released them back in 1980.

  1. Temperature is quite high throughout the year

Before packing your bags, you should know, UAE has high temperatures for 8 to 9 of the year, but don’t tense, many of its beautiful attractions are indoors amid air conditioners. Must move your ways to Ferrari World, only the theme park designed with the world’s fastest roller coaster. Also, experience Ski Dubai over there and much more, but all indoors.

  1. The best amusement place in the world

IMG World of Adventure in Dubai, one of the top indoor amusement places in the world, spread over 1.5 million sq feet. It does not matter if you are adults or matured; this amusement place has many magnificent places designed for all ages. So, you must visit IMG on your UAE tour.

  1. Week in UAE starts on Sunday

So, you will really be amazed to hear this! This is one of the fascinated facts of UAE as many people don’t believe! Kids go to school on Sunday after a weekend, i.e. Friday and Saturday. So, don’t be amazed to see kids on roads during your UAE trip.

  1. But why is Sunday working in the UAE?

Because there is a special day for prayers in Islam on Friday and this pattern make Muslims fulfil their duty. Also, in Ramadan, offices and schools are closed, thereby they can perform their rituals and do fasting without any interruption as necessary.

  1. Falcon UAE’s exceptional birds

Do you ever know about Falcons who assist local Bedouins to hunt in the desert? Actually, this bird holds a special place in the country’s history. Also, it appears on the currency. Falconry, the people used to train falcons are alive in big quantities in the UAE. The citizens of UAE give so much treasure to their falcons, so they need a passport for leaving this country. Even, a hospital named as Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi was established wherein around 11,000 falcons are treated in a year.

The locals treasure their falcons so much that they require a passport for leaving the country!

  1. UAE has six world’s tallest hotels

You must have dinners in different hotels many times. But are you ever excited to have dinner in the world’s biggest hotels? No doubt, being the biggest hotels, amenities are infinite. So, in your UAE trip, be sure to dine in four-star Gevora Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road having a height of 356 metres. You must also have dined in JW Marriott Marquis having 355 metres in height.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Rose Rayhaan, Burj Al Arab are also the few names of tallest hotels in UAE.

  1. The least populated Emirate in UAE

If you love to rest amid serene places in UAE, you should head to Umm al-Quwain, the least populated emirate among others. Be sure to travel to Emirates Motorplex for experiencing indelible racing activities. Also, spend time with your families or buddies underneath the winding water slides at the Dreamland Aqua Park. It is the prominent park in the state. So, to stay in the least crowded place on your UAE trip, remember the name of Umm al-Quwain.


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