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Amadeus opens up “innovative, exciting cross-channel opportunities for Cathay”

Cathay Pacific has announced it will be implementing Amadeus Altéa NDC,  as part of its efforts to  ramp up its digital transformation and to help the airline to distribute and service new content and fares through an NDC connectivity across channels, enhancing its retailing capabilities. 

Amadeus Altéa NDC is a full offer and order Management solution, based on end-to-end NDC shopping, booking and servicing flows. The solution allows airlines to distribute and service their offers to third parties, using the latest industry standard, offering a seamless experience across the direct and indirect channels.

Kenneth Lee, head of distribution strategy for Cathay Pacific, said: “We are pleased to be working with Amadeus to enhance the distribution of our content. New technology protocols such as NDC will enrich our customer’s shopping experience and support our strategy to become a modern retailer, an essential part of our long-term digital transformation.”

“Customer-centric retailing and merchandising”

The Amadeus Travel Platform is evolving so it can integrate and consume airline NDC content in a standard way across all Amadeus selling interfaces, with a view to increasing airline NDC content reach as well as encouraging its adoption and conversion from travel sellers. Once the connectivity between Altéa NDC and the Amadeus Travel Platform is finalised, Amadeus will be able to automatically roll out this feature to all Altéa NDC airline customers.

Cyril Tetaz, Amadeus’ executive vice president of airlines in Asia Pacific, said: “We are proud that Cathay Pacific has joined the Amadeus NDC [X] program and to be supporting its long-term strategy to effectively distribute NDC content across channels. Altéa NDC, with full integration into the Amadeus Offer & Order Management Suites and Amadeus Travel Platform moving forward, will really open up innovative, exciting cross-channel opportunities for Cathay to pioneer customer-centric retailing and merchandising.”

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