Kilauea eruption – Hawaii governor assures “travel is safe to the Hawaiian Islands”

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Hawaii Governor David Ige reassured travellers that it is safe to visit Hawaii saying that that the Kilauea volcano is being closely monitored.

Ige added that they have a team of skilled scientists, geologists, meteorologists, health experts, and law enforcers working round the clock monitoring the volcanic activity to provide clear and updated report regarding public safety.

The experts are telling us there is no danger from the eruptions to anyone outside the areas that have been evacuated.

Hawaii Governor David Ige

“This is a time to listen to the experts on-site and to trust what they are reporting and recommending. The experts are telling us there is no danger from the eruptions to anyone outside the areas that have been evacuated.”

“There is no threat of a tsunami. Air quality is being closely studied and is of most concern in the immediate area inside where the volcanic activity is taking place,” Ige said in a statement.

“Our foremost concern is for the residents in the affected communities. They are receiving all available support from government agencies and officials to cope with the volcano activity and carry on with their lives as best as possible,” the government official added.

The governor named a list of islands that travellers can comfortably book – Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kauai. The governor also assured that their vacation in these islands will not be affected by the volcanic activity.

“Summer is just a couple of weeks away and there is no reason for travelers to delay in booking their vacation plans. The number of flights serving Hawaii has never been greater and there is an abundance of choices for travelers to select in choosing the accommodations and activities they want to enjoy in the Hawaiian Islands,” George D. Szigeti, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Kilauea, Hawaii

It is business as usual for Hawaii. While some travellers are hesitant about flying to the state, others are attracted to film the volcanic activity. Kilauea has been an active volcano since 1983 and is one of Hawaii’s most popular attractions. However, most of the park is currently closed until further notice.
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