misocool to launch third HK outlet

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misocool is founded by Mr. Gilbert Yeung, owner of dragon-i, one of the grooviest club, restaurant, bar and lounge in Hong Kong. In celebration of its first birthday, misocool announces the opening of its third branch in K11 Art Mall on November 27, 2009. The 2,500sq.ft. space is divided into 3 sophisticated areas: washoku area featuring with signature communal dining tables, newly introduced sushi bar and yogurt kiosk to cater hip foodies on the Kowloon side.

A place to see and to be seen

misocool’s third branch, situated in the world’s first art mall: K11, reflects diversification and multiculturalism of local dining culture, and is in harmony with the Art Mall itself which conceptualizes from “Art?People?Nature”. misocool is simple in decoration with modern and chic touch to provide gourmets a vibrant and comfy ambiance. Upon your arrival, you will be attracted by the artistic black rotatable stile that visually connects our washoku area to the Mall. Diners can appreciate the Mall’s splendid sculptures whist enjoying our superb delicacies in the washoku area. You will love the “see and to be seen” experience.

Newly introduced sushi bar

Different from other misocool branches, K11 branch features an open sushi bar that can accommodate up to nine people. misocool designs a array of Nigiri Sushi (hand-made sushi), Sashimi (raw seafood) and Maki Sushi (Sushi Roll) while only using the freshest ingredients from around the world. Striving to provide you the freshest seasonal ingredients, the Chef de Cuisine: Chef Mui, works out at updating the menu every month. And all seafood is delivered and prepared daily.

A team of 5 experienced sushi chefs headed by Chef Miu is possessed of great intelligence and rich experience in various sushi chain stores. The sushi expertise showcases and prepares exquisite hand-made sushi and skillfully cut sashimi only by every single order.

Unveiling an innovative shop-in-shop yogurt kiosk
A brand new yogurt kiosk, just right at the entrance, is unveiled a shop-in-shop concept to provide grab and go service only at K11 branch. Not only does it include the existing 15 toppings (e.g. fresh fruits, chocolates, candies, sweet glutinous dumplings and cereals), a new flavor: toasted and shredded coconut will be introduced.  

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