Performance-based destination marketing? Yes, it actually exists!

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Global travel tech platform Vacaay has introduced a performance-based, KPI-driven destination marketing offering, helping DMO’s reach new audiences and acquire more customers, at scale.

The pay-for-performance offering is the first-of-its-kind in the consumer travel media space, eliminating the risk that comes with traditional media buying. With advanced geo-targeting capabilities and no wastage paying for impressions from disengaged users, Vacaay is proving to be a valuable marketing channel for the travel industry and more immediately, national and regional destination marketing organisations, globally.

Vacaay sets predetermined KPI’s focused on audience engagement and direct booking enquiries, and advertisers are not charged unless each KPI is met – creating a game-changer in an industry where tangible results and ROI are now more important than ever.

“We hold ourselves accountable to achieving predetermined KPI’s on every campaign we run” says Vacaay CEO Pete McKeon.

“Our advertising partners don’t pay for anything that we don’t deliver.”

“We work closely with each valued partner to determine a tailored end-to-end destination marketing strategy that gains maximum exposure, engages audiences and drives direct bookings,” McKeon said.

Vacaay’s new offering is a clear indication of the changes the industry has undergone this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Destination marketing has seen a seismic shift away from traditional consumer travel media in favour of digital platforms that can deliver an immediate return on all ad spend.

After a battering, consumer travel media spend is set to grow again in 2021. Travel marketers are nervous about their brand’s unprecedented hiatus and it’s essential they regain traction with solid ROI. The OTA dependency is also being re-evaluated and dIrect bookings are much sought after; every dollar has to count.

Vacaay’s global audience has swelled to more than 750,000 users since launching in February, with the company projecting to surpass 1 million users by the end of 2020.

Vacaay has caught the attention of international media buyers, offering an anecdote to the free-falling numbers of print and the glut of travel websites with no direct booking ability. Long term change of the travel media landscape has been accelerated by COVID-19, and dynamic, new players are emerging with innovative and profitable alternatives.
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