Phuket ranks first on top places for digital nomads

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With more of us working remotely, the thought of swapping our sofa for sandy beaches is more popular than ever. But where are the best places to visit for those working virtually?

A new study by Club Med has revealed the top places in the world for digital nomads. Club Med analysed the following criteria to assess where in the world is the best place for digital nomads:

  • Cost of living – The average monthly costs of day to day living
  • Safety – How safe people are, taking into account crime levels
  • Average internet speed – How fast the area’s internet connection is
  • Number of adventurous activities – How many adventurous activities are in the surrounding area
  • Number of relaxing activities – How many relaxing activities are in the surrounding area
  • Fun score – How “fun” an experience digital nomads can have in the area
  • Places to work – The number of cafe’s and workplaces in the area

The study found that Phuket in Thailand is the best place in the world for digital nomads with a total score of 290 out of 320. The island’s low average living cost of GBP818 a month means digital nomads have plenty of cash spare to enjoy the 251 relaxing experiences and 750 adventurous activities in the area. Phuket also scored highly on safety with 4 out of 5.

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is the second-best place in the world for digital nomads with 274 out of 320. Its low living costs of GBP716 a month coupled with the 34°C heat and high internet speed make it a dream destination for digital nomads. The city also had a high fun score with 4.5/5 and a high 4/5 for places to work.

The third-best place in the world for digital nomads is Krabi in Thailand scoring 272 out of 320. The island’s low average living costs of GBP645 a month make it easy for digital nomads to make the most of the 232 relaxing activities on offer. And the 31°C climate makes exploring the limestone cliffs, caves and lush jungles a dream.

Take a closer look at the best places for digital nomads:
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