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RAK Hospital partners with Ethiopian Airlines to facilitate medical tourist from Africa

RAK Hospital has partnered with Ethiopian Airlines to facilitate specialised treatments and health checks for medical tourists from African countries.

The hospital will provide medical, logistical and recreational support to patients flying by Ethiopian Airlines from its major African markets to RAK.

The end-to-end package includes medical treatments, visa arrangements, airport transfers, travel guide and sightseeing, complementary spa services at the hospital premises and hotel stay among other services.

The hospital has also opened a support office in Addis Ababa for further coordination.

A significant number of patients from African countries are regularly being referred to RAK Hospital for specialised treatments such as ophthalmology, paediatric care and orthopaedic and laparoscopic surgeries, besides regular health checks.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO Arabian Healthcare Group and executive director of RAK Hospital, said: “This is a big service to the medical tourists from African countries besides giving a boost to the UAE healthcare sector. The arrangement not only eases medical tourism between the two countries but also takes an important burden off the patient’s mind who may not want to deal with mundane travel details. Such tie-ups with airlines also ensure that the packages remain cost-effective for the patients with very little effort on their part.

“Over the years, RAK Hospital has earned a reputation for seamlessly blending hospital facilities with hospitality features. The institution takes pride in its innovative technology, spearheaded by a talented and skilled medical team and multi-lingual staff that is at par with healthcare services of other developed countries. For a more hospitality feel, we also offer concierge, valet and spa services, prominently placing the institution on the medical tourism map in the UAE.”

RAK Hospital also has representative offices in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Oman and Afghanistan.

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