Tiger Airways to improve call centre services

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Singapore, 4 March 2010: Tiger Airways today announced plans to enhance its call centre service later this year.  To give Tiger passengers a better experience, the airline has continued to engage customers for their feedback and introduced further initiatives to implement their suggestions.

In this new phase of customer service improvement, Tiger Airways is looking to ink a new deal with a call centre service provider that offers greater customer satisfaction, while keeping costs low.

Rosalynn Tay, Managing Director of Tiger Airways Singapore said, “This is our latest Customer Task Force initiative to enhance customer experience.  Through the Task Force, we had received customer feedback and suggestions on how to improve call centre services, such as shorter waiting times. We are in advanced talks with potential partners who can help us achieve this while keeping costs low so that customers can continue enjoying our famous low, low fares.  

“We look forward to announcing details soon.  Going forward, we will continue to find other low cost but effective ways to enhance our customer experience.” said Rosalynn Tay.

Customer Task Force

Tiger Airways created a Customer Task Force in July 2009, following an online contest that invited the public to suggest improvements.  Three winners with the best entries were given S$500 Tiger vouchers each, and roped into the Task Force together with Tiger staff.  

“Unlike full-service airlines where the cost of providing quality service is covered by high airfares, we sought the help of consumers and found ways for them to have a better experience while still enjoying our low, low fares.  Instead of paying research companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, we want to engage our consumers directly.  This way, we get the raw, unfiltered facts that will help us find value-for-money solutions for passengers.” said Rosalynn Tay.

The first customer service improvements were to the web interface, which started in August 2009.  The immediate effect was a drop in the number of queries regarding the web storefront.  Since then, www.tigerairways.com has been the top airline online.  Despite a lower promotional spend, the Tiger site attracts the most number of hits in Singapore compared to all other airlines. 

This was followed by Service Excellence courses for cabin crew.  The courses, which started in January 2010, were partially funded by government grants awarded for skills upgrading and development. 


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