Action is Priceless – Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur – #13 of 25


Does the Universe Act Alone?

In a recent interview on being fearless, I was reminded by Rebecca Happy, the interviewer, of the saying that “the universe rewards action”.

It is curious. Many people have written on this very same success component.  Just try googling that phrase.

There is a common belief that by taking action, by your very action of speaking your vision, you trigger activities that will take you towards success.  I think it goes much deeper.

In the interview with Rebecca, I shared that my world is driven not by a faceless universe but by a personal, indescribable Grand Weaver that cares about every facet of my life and who placed every star in the sky and knows them by name (thank you Chris Tomlin for that great description).  Louis Giglio took it one step further and showed us how amazing the whole “star creation” thing is.  This video is about 7 minutes long, but it is worth it.  Bookmark it on YouTube and go back and watch it later if you don’t have time now.

When Rebecca and I spoke, she surprised me by telling me that a large number of the people she interviewed for this project on success had the same perspective.  If they watched this video, I see why.

Steps to Success

That belief and the faith that comes from it lets me know that I was given everything I need to succeed (the magic shoes) and that every step I take gets me closer to the plan for my life.  That means that every time I drive my 16 year old to his tennis lesson, the dream of the NCAA Division 2 tennis scholarship for him is one step closer.  And when he works hard to also get solid grades, then perhaps the academic scholarship money will make that education attainable.

As I write a check for $10k for product development, I can see the client agreements that I will be able to close from having that new functionality.

And as I go for a 3 mile walk to the fresh vegetable market, I am that much closer to the healthy body that I desire.

We all know that talk is cheap. Action is priceless.

One other element that deserves mention is one that I constantly was reminded of by my advisor, Roxy Mize.

You can’t confuse motion for action.

And you can’t think that a dream will happen without a plan.

Your actions need to be purposeful, driven toward your destination and you need to be FEARLESS.
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