Peace and Clarity of Vision – Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur #6 of 25


Peace and Clarity of Vision

I should really make this #1, as peace and clarity of vision are what has gotten me to where I am. And I want to be clear that the definition of peace isn’t the lack of chaos, but being able to be peaceful in the midst of it.  And clarity of vision doesn’t mean that I know every step of the journey, but that I know the destination and can accept that there may be more than one way of getting there. 

This week I celebrate 26 years of being in business. More significantly, I have surpassed the mark where I now have worked for myself longer than I worked for every other employer combined.  It is peace in the midst of chaos and clarity and focus on the end game that has gotten me here.

The formula for success

We have all been around people who believe that they suffer from bad luck or Murphy’s Law. Those people are not generally those that we would consider successful. Successful entrepreneurs, on the other hand, believe that the world is conspiring to help them achieve their goals.

I was recently interviewed on this topic and asked if this principle has played a part in my success in building connections, partnerships and ultimately reaching my goals?  

My answer was this.  My principles go much deeper than an impersonal “law of nature” or the “law of reciprocity”.  My life verse comes from Psalm 139 that says that from the foundation of the earth, every day of my life was ordered.  I was created to be the very person that I am and to come across the paths of those that can help me achieve my goals, my hopes and my dreams.  

The nice thing about that perspective is that I just have to wake up every day, and be guided by peace and clarity of vision for the day.  That doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly and that there will be no obstacles or no chaos.

flooded path

When your path is flooded

Like this picture of the path that is flooded, I can take of my magic shoes (see yesterday’s blog) and walk on through.

I can walk through difficult situations (including a spectacular business failure resulting in significant personal loss) with complete assurance that there is something on the other side of those mountains and that I will be stronger by emerging on the other side.  

I believe that people are attracted to people who are peaceful about their situation and who have that clarity of vision to know how to persevere, no matter the circumstance.

Do you have that peace and clarity of vision about your next step or your next venture?
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