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Bangkok, February 11, 2010 – VIE Hotel Bangkok, one of Asia’s trendiest hotels, introduces a new guest concept – “Deep Sleep” bringing together all the essential elements to help guests revitalize their mind and body through a better night’s sleep.

A good sleep is vital for a person’s wellbeing, ensuring the mind and body rejuvenates and restores itself. Studies indicate that most travelers have difficulties getting sufficient and restful sleep, leading to weariness that may affect their activities during the day. 

“Research with our hotel guests found many said similar things about minor sleeping disorders when traveling. A common factor was their biological clock being out of sync with their home base, having to constantly adapt to different time zones and forcing themselves to sleep at unnatural hours adds to the weariness” says Remko Kroesen, General Manager of VIE Hotel Bangkok.

“At VIE Hotel Bangkok, we understand the essence of a good night’s sleep, and it is much more than just providing a choice of pillow, though we do that also,” he adds.

The Deep Sleep product offers a methodical plan of activities and elements to choose from in order to ensure ultimate relaxation and sleep preparedness.  The service provides a retreat from the hectic life outside the hotel and an opportunity for guests to find respite and take care of the most important thing - themselves.

VIE’s Sleep Consultants provide recommendations and advice on the best sleeping position, meditation and muscle relaxation activities, suggestions on sleep-friendly meals and create an environment that soothes the senses of sight, scent, sound, taste and touch for the ultimate sleeping experience. 

“The hotel’s Sleep Consultants will explain every detail of the sleeping process, including the healing powers of aromatherapy and the different qualities of each scent - whether it’s lavender, chamomile, peppermint leaves or juniper berries. When used properly, such scents can help balance and maintain physical and emotional health as well as unwind the mind and body for blissful relaxation leading to a long deep sleep,” says David Robinson, a sleep expert who is managing the programme.

The Deep Sleep at VIE Hotel Bangkok is a holistic approach designed to ensure that guests feel well through sleeping well.

Introductory ‘Deep Sleep’ Package (from 9 February - 15 May, 2010)

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