What’s new at Qatar Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

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The Qatar Pavilion was designed by internationally-renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava, who represented a modern interpretation of the four elements presented in the Coat of Arms of Qatar. Its architectural composition derives inspiration from the two crossed and curved swords, encompassing a Dhow and island with two palm trees, that are at the core of the national emblem of the state of Qatar.

Santiago Calatrava said: “We are honoured to have been chosen for the design of the Qatar Pavilion at Expo 2020. Our relationship with the State of Qatar and its people lies very close to our heart. The Qatar Pavilion’s design draws inspiration from the four elements represented on the Coat of Arms of Qatar and pays tribute to the nation’s cultural heritage.”

The coinciding pair of buildings of the Qatar Pavilion consists of two main galleries of exhibition spaces. Gallery 1 serves as an introductory space and invites visitors to explore the past, present, and future of Qatar through visual arts, sound effects, and music. Utilising multiple different technologies, ranging from mirror screens and holographic projections to 3D mapping and transparent LED screens, six illusion showcases displaying key themes that represent Qatar’s story make use of illusions that bring objects inside the pavilion to life. Encompassing the sub themes of EXPO 2020 in Opportunity, Mobility,

Gallery 2 offers visitors a deeply immersive audio-visual experience that moves from impressionistic evocations to stunning imagery. Featuring a wrap-around projection screen and 6 illusion mirror totems, visitors are met with an experience that moves from peacefulness to heightened emotion, from the personal to the global, and from the conceptual to the concrete.

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