Exploring Magical Australia with Kids: Get Ready for a Fun-Field Trip

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This year’s pandemic has made all of our lives a tad more difficult. Alright, tremendously more difficult. However, parents have certainly found themselves in an, especially challenging situation, spending almost every waking moment in close quarters with their youngsters, even while trying to work productively from home, and actively attempting to stay sane. Now, although most of the preventative measures prescribed by our governments still stand, from social distancing to wearing masks indoors, road trips exploring Australia are the best possible way to get active and still stay in line with those measures.

This will give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your family, reduce the quarantine friction, and learn more about the wonders of this beautiful continent. Here are a few safety precautions, trip ideas, and suggestions you can incorporate into your travel itinerary and the packing process, too.

Hygiene essentials at the top of the list

The pandemic has forced us to adapt in so many ways, and the same rules we follow when visiting the grocery store apply when we travel. So, before you hit the road, make sure you and your kids have cotton face masks at the ready for all indoor visits. Extra hand sanitizer is a good idea because your kids might not have the same level of awareness, so build up your kids’ habit to use it after every sightseeing tour or local trip. This will provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your road trip even more.

Prepare a travel plan

Even as a local, you know that Australia hides so many natural gems and urban wonders that are worth exploring. Plus, it’s all too easy to get lost or choose a less efficient road if you don’t plan in advance. To save on gas, make the most of your travel time, and enjoy your explorations as much as possible, it’s best to plan your family trip around Australia with all the major pit stops in mind.

By researching the regions you want to visit, you’ll quickly discover kid-friendly destinations and activities, the best and safest beaches, outdoor events you can all enjoy, and the like. Of course, some flexibility in your planning is always good, so that you can take an unplanned stop to enjoy a sunset or stop for ice-cream, but a solid itinerary will help preserve your budget and your time alike.

Prepare road trip games

Keeping your kid engaged throughout your road trip can be challenging, especially if you have toddlers in the car, and more than one kid altogether. The best way to keep everyone happy and avoid annoyances and agitation is to prepare fun and engaging games.

Singalongs will only get you so far, so it’s wise to have audiobooks and puzzle games, a few cartoons for emergencies on your tablet, and make sure that you have a few favorite card games at the ready.

Work out the accommodation beforehand

Although Australia is oftentimes perfect for outdoor sleeping under the stars, you should first do some research as to the weather forecast, temperature drops during the night, and local wildlife, to figure out if it’s best to find a designated camping spot, book a boutique hotel room, or drive to the next city on your list.

What’s vital here is that even though the borders are closed, people are still traveling locally, so you’ll still have to book your rooms in advance. Look for kid-friendly accommodation that has fun entertainment options and fun meals, so that you have a few other chores crossed off your list, too!

Double-check your first-aid kit

As you already know, first aid kits are vital for any trip whatsoever, no matter how brief or long it might be. It contains all of the essential items you can use in an accident, and it can serve as an actual lifesaver for you or your family. Knowing that getting ready to hit the road in Australia with all of its majestic wilderness in mind, you should always double-check if you have your first aid kit fully stocked with those essentials. Do you have enough bandages, gauze, and antiseptic ointments for the whole gang? What about antihistamines and an epi-pen to battle severe allergic reactions on the spot?

Also, in addition to the kit itself, it’s good to note down all the emergency contact information for yourself and your kids. Teach your kids how to use those numbers in case anything does happen, and of course, talk to them about using those basic first aid tools, if it’s ever necessary – and hopefully, it won’t be.

Road trips with kids can be a nightmare, or they can be fun-infused getaways the whole family can enjoy. With a little bit of preparation and with the pandemic in mind, you can definitely make the most of your little family escapade around Australia, keep your little ones safe, stay safe yourself, and make some wonderful memories until the next travel opportunity arises.

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