Explora.ph: “The Philippines is more than its greatest hits”

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Explora Team
Perry Sumakote (second from right) with the team at Explora.ph

Tech startup Explora.ph has launched its new mobile app, bringing together more than 1,500 curated attractions in the Philippines. It features a user-friendly interface — with curated and up-to-date information about each travel destination.

In this exclusive TD interview, we caught up with Perry Sumakote, the group’s co-founder and VP, marketing and strategic development, to tell us more about the new app:

TD: What were your primary objectives during development?

One, people are becoming more mobile nowadays according to recent studies conducted and we need to meet the demand of the people to stay on their phones. Two, we want to have something that spells the word ‘convenient’, we need to optimise the data to the fullest.

Explora.ph Mobile App

What were the biggest challenges?

It took us about three months to make the app and have it up and running.

The first hurdle we faced is the new Google restrictions that require newly up apps to target the latest version of Android (Oreo), because of that, we have to make alternations to the app which leads to our second hurdle, the timeline of launch.

We can only do so much in a short period of time and our objectives in mind granted that we are understaffed, which is another challenge we faced.

“More than its greatest hits”

Why do we need to download the app?

Explora is a one-stop travel shop that covers the Philippines’ most unique attractions, activities, and accommodations that travellers may not find anywhere else on the web. Boracay, Palawan, Surigao might be top of mind for most travellers but the Philippines is more than its greatest hits.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We have many plans and projects to further take Philippine tourism into the digital age. We invite you to be part of our growing community.

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